What Are Locum Tenens Providers?

Locum Tenens Providers are medical professionals who temporarily work in a healthcare facility for an agreed-upon period. They may include physicians, advanced practice providers or healthcare specialists at any stage of their career.

Locum tenens providers fill staffing gaps when an organization most needs them. Whether to accommodate sudden patient census changes, reduce provider burnout or cover a temporary schedule, locums help hospitals and clinics serve their communities better.

Financial Benefits

There are many new terms to learn when you are considering a new medical position. You may be wondering, what are locum tenens providers and could it be the right move for me? Locum Tenens providers offer physicians an opportunity to generate extra income, which could go towards paying off student loan debt, saving for retirement or simply supplementing their primary source of income. 

In addition, many of the expenses associated with working as a locum tenens provider are taken care of by the agency placing you on assignment. They typically handle credentialing, licensing (when needed), expediting privileges, arranging travel and accommodations and insuring your malpractice insurance while you’re there.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations can benefit financially by saving on 401K matching, permanent-hire expenses, as well as healthcare benefits for their physicians.

As a result, they can better manage their budgets. Furthermore, they can offer more affordable housing and travel costs for locum tenens physicians – an arrangement which benefits both parties.


As a locum tenens provider, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule – full time or part-time. Plus, with extended contracts between contracts, you can take extended time off work so that you can step away from medicine and spend quality time with family or friends.

Locum tenens physicians can work in a range of settings, such as hospitals, emergency rooms and nursing homes. Furthermore, they have access to telehealth technologies which enable them to provide treatment from anywhere within the US. You can learn more about telehealth by clicking the link.

Hiring locum tenens physicians in this way can help facilities maintain flexible scheduling, especially during emergencies. Hospitals may become overrun during natural disasters or pandemics as patients seek lifesaving treatments and services.

Travel Opportunities

Travelling medical providers enjoy the freedom to travel across America and beyond. This career path has long been a sought-after option for medical professionals on the go.

Locum tenens travel offers you the freedom to select a location and work in any city or facility that best meets your personal and professional requirements. This can be an ideal way to get acquainted with a new area before making any long-term commitments.

Travelers can take advantage of various travel perks, such as rewards programs that reward you with miles or points for flights and car rentals. These programs can add up over time and save you money on future trips.

Many traveling doctors and nurses take advantage of rewards programs to earn miles for their airfare. These usually reward miles based on how much money is spent or how often you travel. You can use your points to cross some places off of your travel bucket list. You can click the link: https://www.forbes.com/bucket-list-travel for some great travel ideas.

When travelling to an assignment, a staffing agent can assist in booking flights and accommodations as well as organizing car rental services. This will guarantee that you arrive at the right time and enjoy a comfortable stay for you and your family.

Patient Care

Locum tenens providers provide high-quality patient care at many healthcare organizations, from local community clinics to national hospitals. They play a pivotal role in many healthcare organizations by serving patients during shortages or vacancies as well as seasonal outbreaks across the US.

As a locum tenens provider, physicians and advanced practice providers are able to provide high-quality patient care while still developing their careers. They have the option of temporary placements or long-term positions in various healthcare settings and locations, giving them the chance to explore new interests and create a lifestyle that works for them.

Many physicians and advanced practice providers are turning to locum tenens assignments as a way to gain experience in their field, explore a different area, or decide if they want to pursue a career change. These assignments can be especially beneficial for those who have just finished residency or want work with less administrative duties.

These positions often come on short notice, making them ideal for those who aren’t quite ready to commit permanently or want to explore different work settings and locations before settling into a full-time role. 

As a result, locum tenens positions have become an increasingly attractive option for medical providers across all specialties. They can be found in hospitals, small and rural healthcare centers, government posts, specialty clinics and even telemedicine services that have become increasingly popular with patients as a way to reduce travel requirements.

Working as a locum tenens doctor is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and hone your skills, it is essential that you do your due diligence before accepting any job offer.