Weights & Biases raises $45M led by Insight Partners

weights biases 45m series insight

Weights and Biases, has raised $45 million in Series B funding. This company specializes in machine learning tools. This company, which has more than 70,000 employees in more than 200 enterprises is founded by Shawn Lewis, Chris Van Pelt, and Lukas Biewald.

According to Lukas Biewald, machine learning involves many experiments. This company’s products help the customers track these experiments and provide tools for data visualizing, pipeline management and model evaluation.

Lukas Biewald has mentioned this company as an early leader in the market, and this company differentiates ultimately on machine learning practitioners. This company is often time faced with high-class problems. This company tries to help companies doing valuable things in Machine Learning like the agricultural giant John Deere, which uses robotics to spray fertilizers rather than pesticides.

This company has previously raised $20 million, and in this round, it has received funds from Bloomberg Beta, Trinity Ventures, Coatue, Insight Partners and others. Moreover, George Mathew of Insight Partners is also expected to join the board of directors of Weights and Biases.

Matthew has said that he has never witnessed a company within the MLOps category become the market leader in such a short time. This has been possible because of the high-end NPS and the deep customer focus of the customers.

He has also mentioned that it is his honor to invest in a company that has seen a 60x growth in the last two years.

Weights and Biases have mentioned that it will continue to invest in sales, customer successes, growth, and engineering through the latest funding.